Lovefool was founded by two best friends, Trixie & Lalene, that were over and underwhelmed by the process of shopping and wanted to create a community for women to shop without feeling like they needed to change themselves.
They felt that too often clothing brands prey on women’s insecurities by offering too much of what they don’t need as opposed to taking the time to actually ask women what they do need. So they surveyed a bunch of different women about their struggles of getting dressed and that lead to a curated collection of pieces that are effortless, versatile, and timeless

Our Pieces

The real secret to great fitting clothes is to hire a tailor because we're all so beautifully different. But we believe that clothes should adjust to you, not the other way around. So instead, we dug into our closets for our favorite vintage pieces (mostly from the 90s) that had great adjust-to-fit details like corset laceing, which inspired our double laceup dress. We also wanted clothes that would help make our daily lives a little easier. So we made sure that all of our dresses, skirts, and bottoms have pockets deep enough to not let your phone or lipstick fall out. We're not reinventing the wheel, but think of Lovefool as your destination for easy, unbasic, flattering clothes that go great with what you already own. 

Our Prints

We love authenticity and intention in our design. So we collaborate with female artists to design our prints. Our Night Garden print was hand drawn by artist Jaclyn of @yellowandlace

Our Ethos

We're on a mission to create a relatable, trusting, and educational community for women to shop and be inspired by making sure YOU feel celebrated, seen, and heard through thoughtful design, consistent quality, and diverse representation.